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We Offer the Best Concrete Contractor – Driveways, Pool Decks, Patios in Yorba Linda

Everything in society is reaching new technological innovations every day, and things are no different for the concrete industry. Do you have the future in mind and want specially designed concrete at an affordable price? Then look no further than Yorba Linda Concrete Pros. We have the best prices around for the stunning quality we provide. Call (714) 364 – 0763 to speak with our concrete and masonry experts today!

Some of our most common requests include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks & Cool Decks
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Concrete Wall
  • Colored Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Concrete Repair
  • Resurfacing
  • Refinishing
  • Waterproofing
  • Salt Finish Concrete
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Stone Masonry (Stone Veneer, Stacked Stones, Paver Stone, Outdoor Fireplaces, Stone Pillars)
  • Brick Masonry – Brick Walls, Brick Pillars, Brick Pavers

    Martin Harris
    Martin Harris
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    The company was responsive and very clear about what they would do, how long it would take, and the cost. They were able to start in less than one week of my initial call! The patio came out beautifully. We had them pour steps leading up to our back porch because we wanted a bit more safety for our toddler grandson who likes to play outside with us. It has been just over two months since they poured concrete for us and it's holding up great. I feel like this company is trustworthy - they did everything that they said they would do when expected or sooner!
    Sherry Bailey
    Sherry Bailey
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    We were so happy to have received their bid. It was one of many we got, but they were the only ones who knew how to work with our project and not do any unnecessary damage while still providing us what we wanted for a front porch, walkway, and sidewalks. They are always willing to go above-and-beyond in order make sure that you're satisfied as well!
    Joshua Chapman
    Joshua Chapman
    Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
    I have a small patio, so I was able to afford a real concrete installation. Mike and his crew did the work, and did it well. They told me stamped concrete was a good choice in that it doesn't require much maintenance.

    Best Concrete Contractors in Yorba Linda

    We know most of you are here for some great concrete work, and we love it when we receive recommendations from the client’s friends and family. There is a lot for the both of us to gain when we work together, and here is our promise to you: You are going to be ecstatic when you see the final product our team creates, we guarantee it!

    So, what are you waiting for? Come on give us a call and let’s find out more about your concrete idea today!

    Call (714) – 364 – 0763 for a free estimate of your latest project

    One of the best concrete specialists in Yorba Linda will answer. You will have a great time chatting with them, they are easy to talk to and will always supply the information you need and answer any questions you may have.

    We love rewarding action takers, so here is what we offer to do FREE of charge when you call us!

    1. We will schedule a time to come out and meet with you and exchange ideas for what the project may need and where it might go, all with absolutely no obligations, just us being helpful.

    2. We will offer all the best ideas as far as warranties and extended service go, and show you why we are the best to go with for concrete and masonry services in all of Yorba Linda, California.

    3. We will bring our portfolio of concrete driveways, pools, decks, patios, stamped concrete, fireplaces, countertops, and more. We believe that when we show our clients what is possible and what has been done before it will help lead them in the right direction or even spawn new ideas and directions for their project.

    Without a doubt, this alone is why all of our clients say we are the #1 Concrete Contractor in Yorba Linda, California.

      Traits of A Great Concrete And Masonry Contractor

      • Elite concrete working skills and a large portfolio that has been developed thoroughly over many year’s experiences (We have over 10 years, check our pictures page!)
      • They won’t beat around the bush with pricing, they’ll get right down to business and explain exactly what the budget of the project is going towards and why.
      • Communication will be a cakewalk and they will always listen to your concerns and demands
      • They won’t push you into making any hasty decisions
      • They will never try to upsell you or offer a project that costs an arm and leg
      • Great concrete contractors will always welcome constructive criticism to their work and try their best to make your requests a reality.
      • Have a crew that is honest, hardworking, and cautious when working on your property to ensure no damage is done.

      Our Concrete Patios

      The concrete patios we create are like a dream come true! When you are in the process of choosing a patio contractor, it is important that you look for someone who has a great imagination and creative mind. Seeing as concrete patios cost quite a bit these days, because of all the time spent on them, it is in your best interest to find and hire a patio contractor that can make a patio look like a dream turned into reality. The president of our company actually loves painting, it’s been one of his hobbies ever since he was a young boy. He enjoys looking at each new patio as a blank canvas with the opportunity to leave his unique artistic touch each and every time.

      One of our favorite things to create is stamped patios. Stamped concrete patios are super trendy today, and in the upscale residential communities of Yorba Linda, it’s one of those types of concrete patios you’re going to want to think about doing. If you’re looking to have an impressive and appealing patio at your home, look no further! Give us a call at (714) – 364 – 0763 today!

      CALL US NOW!

      Concrete Driveways – Stamped, Stained, and Resurfacing

      The concrete driveway of a property either improves the look or degrades it, there is hardly ever an in between. That is why it is imperative the job is done with quality in mind. We prove our worth like clockwork to our customers over and over again by building concrete driveways that are not only affordable and long lasting, but free from blemishes as well. All three of the characteristics combined make sure everything about it will look great year-round!

      Experience is one of the most important factors in this kind of industry. Contractors that have plethora of jobs and experienced concrete crew members will blow rookie contractors out of the water. Honestly…the last thing you need is to hire some subpar concrete paver who will make it bumpier than lightning McQueen’s route 66 in Radiator Springs.

      Our driveways are built top notch. Each and every one is built to handle everyday traffic as well as heavy vehicles, all without cracking under tremendous pressure. This is accomplished by using industry leading materials in all of our mixtures, paving, and stamps. All of these factors combined ensure that your concrete driveway in Yorba Linda will be able to handle the immense pressure it will take from the occasional house party.

      To solidify a slabs thickness, we have created a special subgrade of soil composition that we compact ourselves. What this does is not only reinforce the structural bracing of slabs, but also decreases the likelihood of structural cracking in the first place! Our team of elite concrete specialists have the knowledge and understand which soils expand upon use. With this in mind, all the necessary precautions are taken so that we can equip our product with the adamant reinforcement to hold the driveway in place for a good and long time. We offer concrete repairs as well…but work our best to make sure you won’t need one for many, many years to come!

      Anytime a concrete design is created, it has a dramatic effect on how the property is viewed. Because of this, we have a multitude of stamped concrete designs and paving practices, including stamped driveways, that can be used in every residential or commercial project. When you call us and set up a free appointment, we will have our portfolio in hand to show you the incredible designs we have done throughout the years. This alone may help inspire your dream cement driveway that you see for your home.

      Finding the driveway designs you love will be a cakewalk when we show all the designs you can choose from.  We have models that range from residential, all the way to commercial! There is no such thing as a job too big or too small here. Whether you want subtle Clark Kent or flashy Bruce Wayne, we have a design or will create one that will make your vision a reality!

      Pick up the phone and call (714) – 364 – 0763 today!

      Other Concrete Services We Provide

      There is a lot more to do with concrete besides driveways and patios.  Frequently we get calls for many other concrete jobs besides those two, so if you were worried that we just do driveways and patios, don’t sweat it. We offer many different services like concrete pumping, pool coping, concrete grinding, ready mix concrete, concrete bags, concrete retaining walls, resurfacing, refinishing, concrete countertops, concrete slabs, and outdoor barbecues. Whether you have a need for your home or your business, we will be able to sort it out. Give us a call today for a free quote!

      We have many people from various backgrounds on our team. From guys the specialized in concrete leveling from a concrete driveways Indianapolis company. We also do foundation repairs as well. 

      If you plan on using our concrete services for paving or decorating your driveway, why not go all the way and have us build a custom concrete walkway that will make your home the best looking on the block! Let’s face it, the last thing you want to see when you park your car on your newly resurfaced driveway is a cheap and boring concrete walkway as you make your way to the door. I mean if you’re going to make a budget for something you are going to be parking on, why not make room for something you’ll be walking on as well?

      What Other Concrete Options Are Available?

      If you want to see the full portfolio and creative concrete designs we have for our clients, we can thoroughly show you everything our company has to offer. Some of the most common concrete designs we get called for are: stamped, decorative, tile, brick, stone, stained, textured, salt finish, asphalt, cement, and more! Please give us a call today so you can check out our portfolio of different finished driveways and patios. Trust us, your mind might just be blown once you see how amazing an out of the box concrete driveway, pool deck, or patio design can get.

      We are the most trusted concrete driveway contractor in Yorba Linda, CA.

      Yorba Linda Masonry Contractor

      Not only are we your go to concrete contractor here in Yorba Linda, but we are your go to masonry contractor as well!

      If you are wanting to work with stone, then some of the services we offer are building stone veneer for the face of your home, stacked stone pillars, stone fireplace’s, outdoor kitchen’s, and much more.

      If you are a new home builder and are looking to build value into your home, we recommend adding an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen is a nice aesthetic addition as well as functional. Here in Yorba Linda, the weather is often very nice so why not have the ability to make dinner outsides some nights?

      Another recommendation for new home builders is an outdoor fireplace. Even though it tends to always be pretty warm, it is nice to be able to gather round the fireplace and hang out with friends and family on a starry night.

      Lastly, let’s talk about stone pillars. They are perhaps one of the best aesthetics you could add to your new home. Something about the way they look just give off a certain powerful presence and your home will always be looked at as the king of the street.

      Without a doubt we are your best option to go with any masonry job in Yorba Linda and surrounding areas. We have many years of experience as well as portfolios always ready to go upon request. Hop on the phone with one of our masonry specialists in Yorba Linda today!

      Yorba Linda Brick Masonry Contractor

      We are experts in brick masonry as well. We like being well rounded in everything that has to do with concrete, stone, and brick. If you are looking for brick masonry in Yorba Linda, we’re your guys!

      Whenever you are dealing with brick masonry, it is important that you have a great bricklayer. If you do not have a bricklayer that knows what he/she is doing, you are going to have to shell out more and more money over time to repair their mistakes. That is why it is important you get the job done right with us the first time! Hire someone who really knows how to handle their mortar.

      After a few years go by, brick will need refinishing or some new paint. We do it all. We just absolutely love bringing back the strong red that naturally shows through with the brick, or even painting it a different color entirely.

      Occasionally you will need your brick re-bonded. We make this process as simple and easy for you as possible.

      One of our favorite jobs to do is building a brick fireplace. It’s just something about the old-style look that just brings out a feeling of nostalgia every time you see it. All the memories of one’s childhood come rushing back and that’s what it’s all about. We love restoring and creating new memories for our clients by creating a brick fireplace.

      Are you looking to have some brick masonry work done in Yorba Linda or surrounding areas?

      Give us a call today for a free quote!

      (714) – 364 – 0763

      Areas We Service

      Yorba Linda Concrete Pros is a concrete contractor serving Yorba Linda and nearby cities including Placentia, Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana, Villa Park, Corona, Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Walnut, Fullerton, and Pomona. Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to handle any project you need to be completed, from sidewalks and patios to driveways and garage floors. You can’t go wrong with Yorba Linda Concrete Pros. We are the best concrete contractor company in Yorba Linda because of our professional commitment to all of our clients. We’re not happy until you are satisfied. We know that many customers choose us because we work hard to ensure our customers are fully satisfied before they decide to use us again or refer us to a friend or business associate.