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The countless lush, wide spaces of greenery in Anaheim Hills all but forbid construction. Indeed, it would be well nigh anathema to carve into these preserved patches of verdant land, uprooting flora and setting fauna on the run. Perish the dread thought.

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Residents of this community want their masonry, be it concrete or stone, to blend with nature and not counter it. That’s what motivates them to call upon the best Anaheim Hills concrete contractor in the business for following the lead of the land and complimenting its features.

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Anaheim Hills Masonry Contractor

The feat may seem nonsensical from the outside. How can stone, brick, and concrete work together with trees, grass, and flowers? To maintain the appeal of the wild around your home or business after an upgrade of functional (and cosmetic) modernity, we employ a number of techniques. Each depends on the project in question as well as the client’s instruction.

For instance…

Brick Retaining Wall

A brick retaining wall at the end of your lawn might separate a public sidewalk from Toyon shrubbery or desert mallow along the border. It looks great with rich-colored mulch over clay soil. Colored concrete also works well here, especially considering that our palette is huge and can thus be made to coalesce with any surrounding.


Cobblestones—and many other natural stone types—do not use mortar, allowing for grass to grow between them. This creates rather picturesque opportunities for things like garden walkways and patio enclosures.

Ever see a stamped concrete driveway with decorative borders? You may have thought, gosh, those borders sure look nice with the rest of the drive. Except it isn’t always the drive those borders are meant to work in tandem with. Bordered driveways can also help concrete or stone masonry to join hands with the landscape, matching colors and patterns with grass, flowers, and even the trees. We leave things up to how the client feels, but do make helpful suggestions about connections—or contrasts—from time to time.

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Let’s go back to the soil for a moment. Did you know that over time the ground in your garden can become acidic and harmful to what grows there? Limestone has been proven to neutralize the soil, and even nourish your plants by preventing the buildup of harmful toxins while actually enhancing the calcium levels in your soil. Then again natural stone is…well, natural. We should expect no less.

Nor should the people of Anaheim Hills expect less than the very best installation and care for its hardscape masonry. Yorba Linda Concrete Pros provides as much because we know the standards of our clients. They’re the same as our own: high, excellent, and proper.

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