Yorba Linda Brick Masonry

Brick masonry is the art or craft of building with bricks. Not Legos, but real bricks (sorry kids). For the construction of a wall, two or more wythes (horizontal rows) of bricks are stacked and mortared next to each other, with periodic rows of header bricks (bricks turned so that the smaller side faces front) attached for added structural soundness. Bricks used in wythes are called stretchers. Headers and stretchers form walls of different shapes and sizes…and also bonds. There is the common bond, the English bond, and the Flemish bond. With each bond a row of header bricks is laid at different intervals.

Excellent Brick Masonry in Yorba Linda

All of it sounds technical but really, it’s just a bunch of fancy words to describe what a lot of those kids do with the plastic bricks.

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We can even concoct a combination of them all.

Kinds of Bricks

Some people think there is only one kind of brick:  red. In truth the list is long, and each is composed of different raw materials. For neatness’ sake, let’s just look at the five most common kinds.

  • Burnt clay bricks are made with clay in a molded kiln. They are the most widely used. Red clay bricks (see above) can be seen just about anywhere one cares to look. Like wood, these bricks come in classes, with high grade being the most pretty to look at (and also the most expensive).
    • Concrete bricks are quite popular for retaining walls and stairs. There are indeed made of concrete, which lends them a unique versatility in regard to color, shape, and design.
    • Engineering bricks are fired hot to give them extreme density. They are mostly used for industrial projects that call for extra strength and integrity.
    • Fly ash clay is also made of tightly condensed material. Fly ash is stronger than clay, lighter in weight, and cheaper to use overall. And because it is made from combustible coal waste, the environment is made just a little safer as well.
    • Sand lime bricks give you a little bit of sand, lime, and fly ash in equal measure. The three are bonded together to make a rather powerful brick that’s great for walls or anything really that calls for load-bearing strength.

    Brick Mortar

    For every kind of brick, there is probably a different kind of mortar to hold them together. Three standard types are N, S, and M. Type S has proven to be resilient against foot traffic and impact; thus, it is mostly used for outdoor projects such as patio, fireplaces, driveways, and walkways. Type M is stronger still and commonly used for load-bearing walls or structural framing. Type N is of decent strength and is also very friendly to use; do-it-yourself workers love its forgiving nature along with its willingness to perform well in multiple projects.

    The brick masonry at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros knows far more about the craft than what has outlined above. This stands to reason, as their experience can be measured out in years, their dedication to a job well done, millennia.

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