Yorba Linda Brick Pavers

Perhaps no other building block in the history of humankind has served construction for as long as a brick. Dating all the way back to 7500 BC, brick has been used for walls, walkways, roadways, stairways, and just about every other project that calls for a strong, sturdy backbone. Today this still holds true, though because of their history, brickwork is also used to cast reflection upon eras long passed.

Brick pavers, though not quite as versatile as the ancient material that inspired them, also create a look that induces nostalgia, that renews our appreciation for the arts.

The appeal of brick pavers is widespread, and when you call Yorba Linda Concrete Pros at (714) 364-0763 you get free estimates and all the benefits they have to offer.

Excellent Brick Paver Contractors

Brick pavers are made from compressed clay that is exposed to high temperatures. They can come in basic, rectangular shapes, or be cut into puzzle pieces that lock together. Their colors are usually relegated to natural shades or earth tones. Relegated but not limited, as clients are often surprised by how many nuances we can achieve from this well-loved palette. Our team of concrete contractors is ready to help you. 

Vertically speaking, brick pavers usually run into trouble. They are not designed for things like walls and fireplaces, but to lie flat on the ground. That might discourage one at first, but a driveway, patio, or walkway created with brick pavers comes out calling to the history from which they derive, and give your home the look of pure poetry.

Brick Pavers Services in Yorba Linda

Before we get to work on your brick paver project we’ll do a foundation check. The area needs to be level and free of anything that might deter or displace the pavers. After that, we’ll take special measures to make certain no weeds grow up through this newly refurbished section of your home. The brick pavers will be placed firmly together without mortar, which gives them room to expand and contract with changing weather conditions.

Once the job is finished, you’ll find that keeping your patios, deck, driveway, or walkway clean is as simple as scrubbing it down with a brush and some biodegradable soap. There is no need for sealants, paint, water deterrents, etc. In fact, these treatments will only get in the way of your brickwork’s natural ability to absorb and release moisture. Bristles and suds are all you need.

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When it comes to working with brick pavers in Yorba Linda, Yorba Linda Concrete Pros gives you the best of both worlds:  professional installation with an artisan’s love of well-balanced, beautiful results.

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