Yorba Linda Bricklayer

You probably already know the definition of a bricklayer. The word pretty much means exactly what it says. A bricklayer is a person trained in the skill of construction with brick. But did you know it takes years of apprenticeship and schooling to get really, really good at the job? It is considered a profession, and therefore requires study and, in most cases, certification.

For instance, all of our Yorba Linda bricklayers at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros are certified, professionals.

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Brick Masonry in Yorba Linda

The amount of fastidiousness, physical capability, and dedication that go into this craft is surprising to some. At its core, stacking for a block wall might be all it is, but getting those blocks to stand strong and safe for many years of service is no small feat.

The mortar that holds our bricks together must be (and most certainly is) mixed with focused care on its viscosity. Too thick, and it loses its malleability, making it difficult to spread. Too thin, and it may not hold the bricks together tightly enough. The mortar is then spread evenly so it can not only do its job but look good doing it.

Sloppy clumps hanging over the edge of the bricks isn’t going to cut it here, although I used to live in a home built in 1860, and it was fascinating to see chimney mortar thumbprints pressed by hands that lived so, so long ago.

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A call to us also ensures that your bricks get cut into the right shapes needed for that special project, indoors or out. This goes for when factory cut material—typically shaped even on all sides—simply will not meet certain demands of the design, or for when uneven recycled brick calls for a bit of sculpting and carving to make the pieces fit more snugly together. Oh, and we’re also going to clean up our mess when we’re done.

You’ll get no dust, no shards—nothing left behind except beautiful brick masonry.

Be it a retaining wall, fireplace, brick patio, brick stairs, or any number of other improvement projects for your property, Yorba Linda Concrete Pros will make it all come together with certified artisans of this ancient construction technique.

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