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If you’re a house flipper you like to work fast. Within two weeks to a month at the very most, everything needs to look nice, neat, and new. Consequentially should part of that flip involve concrete pouring, it’s going to be slate gray all the way. House flippers don’t typically think about concrete coloring, which is something of a shame, because these days they’ve got every hue of the rainbow at their disposal. And while it may cost a little more, it doesn’t take long to do.

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Read on to find out why.

Colored Concrete Contractors 

Concrete coloring isn’t the same as paint, which tends to flake and chip over time. What we’re referring to here is actually an oxide pigment mixed into the concrete while it is still wet. That means the color doesn’t just rest on the surface—it becomes part of the concrete itself, all the way down to the core. And yes, it’s worth mentioning again that every color of the rainbow is within reach. We’ve done shocking pink, Mediterranean blue, and even tornado black. Many clients request for pigment mixture to create special colors. That’s fine, too. We can also apply layers of glaze that give all kinds of concrete work an attractive, pastel shine.

And because that color runs all the way through, there’s no chance of nicks coming off the top to expose plain concrete underneath. There is no plain concrete underneath. Plus, our experts will cure the concrete as only they know now to be certain color near the surface receives even distribution.

Avoid Fading of Colored Concrete 

Concrete pigments are resistant to fading, even under harsh sunlight. What’s more, the team that conducts your project will add sealant to the work to make it even stronger. Not that maintenance will be any great chore. Concrete has always been easy to take care of, and just because it isn’t gray anymore makes no difference. With proper cleaning soap—or sometimes just plain ole warm water—a light scrub will clean stains for years to come. Indoor projects such as kitchen floors can even be polished for extra shine.

Colored concrete has been in use for over fifty years. Still, many clients are just waking up to the fact that it can transform the look of their home—flipped or otherwise—in so many different ways. Walls, floors, countertops, stairs; driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios.

All of these and more can be colored to your precise satisfaction.

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