Yorba Linda Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are quite commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be decorated to pull off a multitude of appearances; they can even be glazed to a rather fetching shine that’s easy to clean and maintain. A bit of trickery comes with what you see—that is to say, the countertop often looks much thicker than it actually is. This is due to sculpted “overpouring” of the edge that is, in fact, thicker than the counter itself.

Concrete Contractors in Yorba Linda

These fixtures are often chosen over natural stone countertops not only for their decorative versatility, but for their willingness to be shaped around drains, pipes, and pretty much any other part of your household. As is usually the case with concrete, you get style and practicality in one hard, tough package.

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And speaking of pros, let’s get a little more in-depth as to why the Yorba Linda concrete countertop has put on so much speed with buyers over the years.

Advantages of Concrete Contractor Professionals


You may have read somewhere else about all the incredible things we can do with concrete. It’s no exaggeration. Whether you’re looking to install outdoor countertops or indoor, the limitations with coloring, cutting, stamping, or staining is well nigh impossible to reach. Imagine a bathroom furnished in deep, stormy shades of marble that isn’t really marble at all, but concrete dressed up to look as such. Picture the perfectly color-coordinated kitchen not held back by its concrete furnishings, but released to new options for design. Just about any look—and shape—is at your disposal.


Concrete is nothing if not durable. Properly sealed after curing, it’s going to last for decades (should you choose to let it). We can make it even stronger with glass fiber reinforcement. Stronger and, believe it or no, lighter. Glass fiber reinforcement also allows for wider spaces of seamless design that can be shaped into those oh so trendy overhangs mentioned above.

Caring for Concrete Countertops

Okay, so there are a couple, and we would be remiss to skip over them. We’re here to help you make the right choice, after all. Let’s dive in.

Keep it Clean

To make sure the surface of a concrete countertop stays strong—and stain-free—sealant and wax do need to be reapplied as needed. Don’t let spills sit for too long. This goes double for acidic liquids like lemon juice or vinegar.

Careful With That Knife

Darker colored concrete has a tendency to be a tad less forgiving with culinary mistakes. A knife coming in contact with the surface might scratch. Then again, this same holds true with granite countertops, a big competitor of concrete. Most clients find the allure of dark shades (from one material or the other) more than worth the risk.

Whatever your preference for home remodeling or repairing, there’s no risk at all in calling the savviest masons in the business at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros.

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