Yorba Linda Concrete Driveway

A new concrete driveway for your home or place of business may not, at first thought, seem like an important decision. It may be something you keep relegating to the back burner as a “down the road” project. Or maybe you’ve already settled on having it done, but aren’t seriously considering your options, such as which concrete contractor to hire or how you actually want the driveway to look. Lastly, perhaps you are serious about it but don’t quite know where to start, or with whom. However you feel, Yorba Linda Concrete Pros can help put that beautiful, brand new driveway on your property. And when we’re finished, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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Concrete driveway installation comes with a great many options for color, design, and decoration. Among concrete’s greatest assets is its versatility. Different methods for all three of the above mentioned exist. You can even dress concrete up in the guise of more pretty, pricey material. Those things being said, let’s cover the basics for now.

Durable Concrete and Masonry

For concrete, a little bit of care goes a long, long way. In fact, concrete driveways can last up to forty years on just simple maintenance. A sealant is typically used after a brand new installation, but other than that it’s mostly about keeping it clean with a brush and some water.

It’s also safe for traversal. A surface that doesn’t break easily or get muddy in the rain always makes sense for foot and tire traffic. Concrete driveways installed by us assure their owners of years-long slip-resistant use.

Planning Concrete Project

During the early stages of your project, one of the things we’ll want to settle on is size. Single car driveways are usually about eight or nine feet across, doubling that for two cars. Should the distance from the street to your building be long enough, the driveway can begin with accommodation for a single-vehicle before widening out for others in the parking area.

Concrete for a standard vehicle does not usually need reinforcement and is poured to about four inches in thickness. As a deterrent for standing water, the driveway should also describe a gentle slope toward the street—about 1/8 of an inch per foot.

Should you be interested in something a little more decorative concrete than plain we can, as mentioned above, add colors and patterns to your layout. The options are numerous. Our experienced contractors may even make suggestions as to what will look best on the budget you have.

Hire Yorba Linda Concrete

Yorba Linda Concrete Pros does precise, professional work on whatever your choice of style for a new Yorba Linda concrete driveway.

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