Yorba Linda Concrete Finishing

There is more than one kind of finish for poured concrete. That’s most certainly a good thing, considering just about every job we do at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros requires a pinch of this and a dash of that to achieve the perfect shine. A concrete finish typically has three functions: safety, endurance, and style. Today we will discuss which kinds of finish do these things best.

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Concrete Finishing in Yorba Linda

The stained concrete is to adding color to it after it has been poured (as opposed to mixing the color in like a dye). The two most popular methods are acid staining and water-based staining. Both are effective for achieving a look of depth that will stop admirers in their tracks. Be wary, however, of its smooth surface, which can be slippery when exposed to moisture. 

The Polishing Technique

You’ve probably buffed tiled floors with a machine to bring shine up from the wax. The same basic principle applies here, only with concrete. A floor grinder—or concrete grinder—can polish the surface of the concrete to textures rough or smooth, depending on the grade of the disc attached to the grinder. Polished concrete is slip-resistant and very easy to clean with just a broom or mop, but does need to be sealed by experienced professionals like us to keep moisture from finding its way into the concrete’s porous surface.

The Exposed Aggregate Technique

An aggregate is a mass made up of millions of tiny crystals. Concrete falls into this category. What we do to create a very shiny, pretty surface is to wash the top layer of your concrete away to reveal these crystals. After pouring, a chemical that slows down drying is spread across the top of the concrete and left overnight. In the morning, the chemical is sprayed off. It takes a thin layer of the concrete surface with it, and there you have it: exposed aggregate. This is a relatively inexpensive technique that looks great. Do keep in mind, however, that its uneven texture can be a bit harder to clean, and the tiny stones or crystals are prone to damage.

The Salt Finish Technique

This method creates a surface that’s very safe for foot traffic. It is most popular for swimming pool patios, or anywhere that tends to get wet. We simply apply rock salt to the concrete while it’s still wet. After the concrete dries, the salt is washed away, leaving millions of tiny little dimples behind. These dimples give traction to otherwise treacherous terrain. Salt finished concrete can be colored beforehand to match the surroundings or create appealing patterns.

Yorba Linda Concrete Pros uses all of the above approaches plus many more to give you the Yorba Linda concrete finish that looks great, functions well, and lasts for years to come. The artisans we employ are dedicated to pinpoint accuracy without sacrifice to aesthetic allure.

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