Yorba Linda Concrete Foundation

Whether you intend to build a patio, fountain, fireplace, or pool deck, it’s going to need support from underneath. A concrete foundation provides the base upon which a structure stands. As part of that structure, they are the most vital, because without them, why, the patio surface would sink, the fountain and fireplace crack, the pool decklist.

High-Quality Yorba Linda Foundation

Making sure your hardscape project has a firm underpinning is of the highest priority. Failure of such wastes time and money—and far worse than that, it’s dangerous to those walking above. When you want quality work that comes safe , call (714) 364-0763 and speak to the masons who care at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros.

Concrete slab foundations caught on big in the 1940s and haven’t looked back since. They’re easier to install than wood, less expensive, and far stronger. They won’t rot or succumb to gnawing rodents. Also, slab foundations come in different types depending on the size of the object for support, its location on the landscape, and climate.

Slab-on Grade Concrete Foundation

Probably the most common type used in SoCal is the slab-on-grade. This is one large layer of concrete poured over a bed of gravel to a thickness of several inches. Around the edges, it is even thicker still and reinforced with metal rods. Sometimes the concrete is cast with wire mesh to decrease the risk of cracking. Slab-on-grade is used in warmer climates where the ground does not freeze.

Some additional foundation issues residents are faced with include earthquakes and expanding soils. Professional contractors know of ways to address these issues. For earthquake protection, they often attach the structure to its foundation with bolts or rebars (those steel mesh reinforcing bars mentioned above).

Clay soils that are too soft and fine tend to shift from season to season as they are tempered. This shifting can certainly affect a foundation’s ability to support its structure. If soil shifting is deemed to be a problem (this will be determined before a project even begins), holes can be drilled into firm bedrock beneath the soil, then filled with concrete to form a series of support pillars or piers. Reinforcement techniques are also employed to prevent erosion, another problem SoCal residents see from time to time. It is most common near the coast, waterbeds, or on desert terrain.

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The well trained, highly experienced concrete contractor team at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros are deterred by none of the above. We come prepared with the skills and armed with the knowledge required for all kinds of hardscape remodeling, reinforcement, or beautification. Call us today at (714) 364-0763 for durable concrete foundations in Yorba Linda.