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Concrete Leveling is a method used to even out concrete surfaces when they become uneven. It is being applied by concrete contractors all over the country to solve the problem of a section of the concrete features like a driveway or a sidewalk sinking a little bit. You have come to the right place if you came searching for a top-notch concrete contractor specializing in concrete leveling. 

We are Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, a very popular and much loved concrete contractor having solved the problem of sinking or uneven concrete in the properties of our customers. Call us at (714) 364-0763 to receive a free quote for the project involving concrete leveling in Yorba Linda today. 

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The most common reason why many customers see a section of the concrete in their driveway or sidewalk sinking a little bit is because of the void created by the moving mud. If there is any void underneath the slab, it will naturally move vertically down to create an uneven surface. 

Concrete Leveling Construction

It can be a very costly and tedious exercise to remove the sunken section of the concrete and pour concrete again to solve the problem of uneven concrete. This is why the method of concrete leveling has become so popular. Also called mud jacking, this method returns the uneven concrete surface to its original level without the requirement of breaking the existing section and then pouring new concrete pre-mix. 

Steps Involved in Mud Jacking

First of all, our skilled masons drill small holes through the concrete slab that has sunk a little bit. These holes are used later on to pump slurry made of Portland cement and limestone aggregate. This slurry is injected to fill the void created by moving mud. This is why it is called mud jacking. Once the void has been filled, the concrete slab lifts vertically and comes to the level of the remaining concrete slabs in the driveway. 

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The success of mud jacking is dependent upon the drilling of holes and the ability to decide the location of these holes. At Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, we have highly trained and experienced craftsmen who know everything about the technique of concrete leveling. They know how to decide the holes’ strategic location to be drilled in the sunken concrete section. They also know how to set the amount of slurry to be pumped or injected through these holes. This is why we are always able to easily raise the concrete without having to break or pour new concrete. 

Once the task of leveling is complete, our craftsmen fill the imperfections with non-shrinking grout to make them invisible to the naked eye. 

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