Yorba Linda Concrete Pouring

One glance at the title of this article probably made you want to skip it. What regalement, you may have wondered, could there possibly be in the act of pouring concrete? And we’re ready to confess it isn’t the most entertaining thing in the world. But when it comes to focus and dedication toward doing quality work, frivolity must stand aside so that the arrow of passion may strike its mark.

And strike the mark it does, every time you call (714) 364-0763 and speak to the professionals at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros. Get your free estimates today and experience the great quality of concrete pouring service in Yorba Linda.

Excellent Concrete Pouring Yorba Linda

For any project you have in mind, we will, of course, arrive at the site with the necessary materials. Depending on the size of the job, these can include a truck with a mixer (those huge rotating drums that prevent concrete from hardening too soon), pre-mixed concrete bags, trowels, molds, and so forth. Pre-mixed bags are typically brought in for smaller jobs like concrete countertops, floors, or steps. For large endeavors such as patios and decks, you might see one of the trucks.

To give you some numbers, a batch of concrete needs to be poured no longer than 90 minutes or 300 revolutions after being mixed with water. Longer than that and the batch begins to deteriorate. This deterioration is commonly referred to as slump loss.

Concrete Pouring Process

At the job site, we’re going to pour your concrete into a form (or frame) set up in advance to our standards. The forms are usually wooden and, should reinforcement be necessary, will also use steel rods or mesh screens. Once the concrete is in place, it will need time for curing (drying). Paradoxically, the surface of the project must be kept damp during this process, as concrete tends to shrink as it dries, and will warp if allowed to do so without evenness and uniformity.

The heat of our Southern California sun sometimes causes issues with rapid curing, in which case our crews will need to work in the mornings or late afternoons.

Once the concrete is dry, we’ll add a sealant to protect it from that beautiful sun, as well as water, foot traffic, and other forms of physical interaction.

Hire Yorba Linda Concrete Pros

And that, friend, is Yorba Linda Concrete Pros in a nutshell. We can’t peddle tickets for the dance, but when you see the results, the possibilities could change. After all, we color and decorate our work as well. Stamped concrete presents clients with an endless array of design opportunities. As for coloring, we have the whole spectrum at our disposal. Whatever your reason for calling Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, you’ll never see us come shy of the mark.

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