Yorba Linda Concrete Resurfacing

The late author Roderick Thorpe once told us that nothing lasts forever. A long time, perhaps, but not forever. Has the axiom hit home of late? Maybe when you look at your concrete patio, garage floor, or pool deck, you can’t help but notice a little sagging, a bit of dreariness. You may be pondering complete replacement of the slabs—a job that costs time and money. But before you make any rash decisions, go to the window and look again. We’ll wait.

Welcome back. Now then, let us present you with another axiom: Things are never as bad as they seem. Chances are a full swap out of that tired looking patio will prove unnecessary. Instead, why not consider a mere resurfacing?

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Allow us to divulge a little information.

Concrete Resurfacing in Yorba Linda

Minor damage to a fixture like the above mentioned rarely requires a transplant. Why go to the trouble of breaking everything apart, hauling the pieces away, then pouring a brand new base? Sometimes the surface of the fixture can be repaired while leaving the original substrate right where it is. In other words, what has already been poured stays put, and we do a little cosmetic work over the top. Concrete resurfacing involves the application of a thin new layer of concrete that comes out looking good as brand new when done by professionals with years of experience.

Along with resurfacing—or refinishing—will come a great many decorative options you might remember from your first go-around with the project at hand. Things like:

  • Concrete stamping, wherein the design of your choice is literally stamped onto a wet surface that, when dry, gives lots of character to the fixture it forms.
  • Concrete coloring with just about every color you can imagine being available.
  • Concrete staining via acid or a water-based technique, both of which create breath-taking beauty so rich and profound you’ll be put in mind of Nietzsche’s abyss (though we must insist there are no monsters to fight here!)
  • A combination of all three

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Concrete resurfacing in Yorba Linda is an excellent choice for aging material that is not quite ready to raise the white flag of surrender. Making it look young again is as simple as calling (714) 364-0763 and having a chat with the highly capable contractors at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros.

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