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Concrete slabs are among the most common components for building. They are typically square or rectangular in shape. Thick slabs between 100 and 500 millimeters work best for ceilings and floors, while thinner pieces may be used for outdoor paving. These thinner pieces are also used to build additional floors on high-rises and skyscrapers.

But allow us to venture forth upon the proverbial tree limb and assume you’re not building a skyscraper. It’s far more probable that home improvement is your ambition. Perhaps it’s time to replace that creaky wooden floor in the kitchen with concrete. Or maybe your pool deck has gotten shabby of late. Then again, you could be a new home builder on the prowl for attractive designs.

Whichever, you’re going to need some help.

That’s where the good people at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros come in.

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Quality Concrete Slabs in Yorba Linda

Its name might not sound all that interesting, but the concrete slab does tons of legwork literally in the field. All they require is a little adjustment for the project at hand.


This is the most widely used kind of slab. There are two types:

Conventional slabs use deeply excavated beams to hold them in place.

Waffle pod slabs are held by a horizontal grid of metal beams that do not extend far into the earth.

Suspended Slab

These slabs are poured off-site and lifted into place by a crane. They do not, as you might have guessed, make direct contact with the ground. Extra support is required for slabs held in place by two walls or four walls, which usually comes in the way of double-layered steel mesh. Suspended slabs can also be used as ground flooring upon hilly terrain. The ground is dug out for the installation of support walls that hold the slab at its intended level.


Concrete slabs are quite hardy and can be expected to last years beyond their installation. Some of the things we do to ensure this longevity are:

  • Correctly mix and pour the concrete
  • The professional setting of its foundation
  • Even curing across the entire surface
  • Proper application of sealant to reduce or eliminate moisture permeation

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