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When one thinks of a staircase, it’s typically the look that comes first. A romantic might picture a spiral structure adorned with thorny roses. A pragmatic will doubtless describe a plain wooden flight that does its job without flourish, while surrealists, with unerring accuracy for the eclectic, may turn their thoughts toward dimly lit vertical passages that go nowhere.

But the material you choose for your new—or newly refurbished—flight of stairs is at least as important as its appearance. In a perfect world, you’re going to get safety, structural longevity, and aesthetic appeal all in one neat little package. The steps leading up to such involve some careful choices.

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That’s because the work we do serves as a reflection of our own dedication. Your stairs are going to look good, be safe, and last a long time. And yes, they’re also going to go somewhere (sorry surrealists).

Concrete steps are most often used outdoors because of their resilience. Being tough should not, however, correlate to a lack of versatility. Perish the thought. Concrete offers a great variety of shapes and sizes. Pretty much everything that can be done with wood and steel can be done with concrete. There are a number of types to consider, each the owner of unique benefits. Types such as:

Poured Concrete Experts

Poured concrete stairs are created at the site. A form (frame) is built to establish—and maintain—their integrity. These forms can accommodate a high number of styles from your imagination—curving steps, steps of different heights and sizes, with or without landings. Needs are often met as they arise, making poured concrete a great choice for your improvement project.

Earth-Supported Concrete

This style is very common outside contemporary business establishments. Long, sloping lawns that lead to a front door patio are just the ticket for earth-supported stairs. The concrete slabs for these structures are embedded deep into the ground, lending powerful support while also forming a connection with nature. Parks also use earth-supported concrete stairs quite often.

Pre-Cast Stairs

Pre-cast stairs are made in advance and delivered to the site of installation. They make for an understandably fast and convenient choice. They do not need forms or a pouring crew. They are brought to your home and popped into place lickety-split. Pre-cast stairs can even be cast to a client’s specification, but since they are not crafted on-site, issues that occur will need to be addressed from the landscape rather than the other way about.

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