Yorba Linda Concrete Wall

It is certainly common knowledge these days that concrete can be used for just about any building purpose one puts his or her mind to. Its faces number in multitudes, its versatility beyond measure. Among the colloquially elite metropolitan areas are known as “concrete jungles” because the material in question is, well, everywhere. This very article was written in a room with concrete on all four sides.

Finest Concrete Walls in Yorba Linda

The walls are made of concrete and then stamped to look like wood—wood stamped concrete. Another common (and practical) practice is to build the wall out of cinder blocks, or to use their more technical term, concrete masonry units (CMU). In the basement of my old high school painted CMUs were everywhere. This wasn’t yesterday, mind you, but a long time ago.

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What exactly can we do? Read on.

Block Walls

As mentioned above, these walls are made with CMUs and work great for foundations. They are thick, non-resilient, and put where they go to last a long time. Cinder blocks are pre-cast so they can be stacked and mortared like bricks. Hard work isn’t their only function, though. They can indeed be painted and/or stamped for decorative purposes.

Remember:  This is concrete, and concrete can do just about anything.

Poured Walls

These walls are created on-site, which means a form must be used to create their shape. The method is popular for outdoor retaining walls, as they are decorated on the fly to the client’s specifications for looking great while performing a function.

A caveat:  Poured walls are time-consuming and tend to cost a little more money than their alternatives, but in terms of customization they really can’t be beaten.

Stucco Walls

Now, this little trick is commonly used on ceilings in the midwest. It works just as well on walls, too. All we do is dab a thin layer of concrete over an existing wall. With a brush, different patterns can be created, such as swirls, circles, streaks, and so forth. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to provide a facelift for older, tired-looking walls.

Colored Walls

Colored concrete walls can be pre-cast or made on-site (poured). As for what colors are available there is really no limit. We can even mix colors together to get just the right shade for your project. You may have already heard us talk of how well-colored walls go with stamped concrete made to imitate natural stone.

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