Yorba Linda Decorative Concrete

Think of five houses in your neighborhood. Got them? Now for each house try to name one feature you like best. Chances are it’s going to be something connected to the landscape, as that’s all we can see from the street. It might be the trees or a garden of rose bushes. A swimming pool shimmering amid dapples of sunshine. It could even be something put in place as a supportive frame for one of those others. A stamped concrete driveway perhaps, or stained concrete steps leading down to a colored patio.

These latter are sometimes used as complementary pieces, and sometimes to make statements of their own. We must not limit them to outdoor areas either. Decorative concrete is also fantastic for countertops and flooring. Whichever your preference, the one to call when it’s time to make neighbors remember something beautiful about your home is Yorba Linda Concrete Pros.

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Entailments of Concrete and Masonry

There are many ways to decorate concrete—that’s one of the reasons it makes for such a popular choice with our clients. Its versatility lies not only with style but with ways to achieve it.

Colored Concrete

Mixing pigments into the concrete while it’s still in the hopper changes its color from the surface to center. In other words, we’re not just pouring concrete and then painting the top blue—we’re pouring blue concrete. That means the color won’t chip away or flake. The technique is old as the 1950s, but only recently has begun to gain lots of traction. Clients love to experiment with the available colors—which include pretty much anything in and out of the rainbow. What you envision is what we can make real.

Stamped Concrete

So we’ve talked about altering the hue of your project; now let’s talk about altering the texture. Stamped concrete means exactly what it sounds like:  We stamp patterns onto the surface of wet concrete, which then dry to a permanent feature. It sounds like something a kindergarten kid might do in art class, but it actually requires meticulous care, and when done properly looks flat out gorgeous. Nor can we say that stamped concrete is only about design. Another purpose it serves—and serves quite well—is to mimic more expensive material such as flagstone, slate, and brick. Stamping can imprint the same shape and texture of natural stone, leaving no one wiser for the truth.

Stained Concrete

There are two main devices to achieve this look—acid staining and water-based staining. Acid staining works through a chemical reaction on the surface of the concrete to create earth tone colors with multiple shades. This shaded appearance lends its subject the depth and shine of fine jewelry. Water-based staining can also get you this look, though its success goes not through a chemical reaction, but a coating that seals itself to the concrete. So it’s safer to be sure. It also offers a much wider color palette than does acid staining and is less expensive to employ.

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Above are but three methods that orbit the meaning of decorative concrete in Yorba Linda. They can be used apart or in tandem. Their assets are many, their limitations, few. The same goes for the professional staff you’ll find at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros.

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