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There have never been so many effective options for home improvement as there are today in this brave year 2020. Concrete especially has taken off like a jet plane due to the hundreds of designs and thousands of colors it can be crafted to represent. Stamped pool decks, colored countertops, decorative driveways, and retaining walls are but a few of the tasks easily accomplished through concrete.

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But for some of our clients at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, there is simply no alternative to the allure, to the beauty, of natural stone. Indeed, it is perhaps through adherence to traditional concepts that stone masonry has endured the technological advancements of concrete masonry. On that thought, it’s hard to get more traditional than one of the more popular elements of nature: flagstone.

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Flagstone Patio: Choice for Residential and Commercial Masonry Work

Flagstone is a flat stone that can be cut into lots of different shapes for your patio. It’s been in decorative service since at least the 1200s, mainly for castle flooring and courtyards. Stories persist that 13th-century Italian poet Dante Alighieri had a chance encounter with the love of his life, Beatrice Portinari, on a flagstone walk, but we digress. Let’s delve into what this iconic material can do for you today.

Flagstone Patio Design

Your flagstone patio can indeed be cut to look like a castle courtyard from medieval times. A pattern commonly referred to as a random rectangle is typically used. It means exactly what it sounds like:  The stone is cut into different sized rectangles that are fitted together. What transpires from this is austerity, majesty, and—dare we say it—a bit of poetry. Metered poetry, as all the stones are arranged with tidy precision.

The next pattern is just the opposite but no less endearing. The flagstone is cut into irregular shapes and sizes, then fitted together with mortar. Clients seeking more fun, relaxed atmosphere for their patio like this arrangement a little more than the rectangles; however, because some of the stones are larger than others, furniture needs to be chosen with care, else their legs might wobble in the many tiny crevices of mortar.

A flagstone quarry will yield up earth tone colors like gray, red, blue, or brown. All, of course, will reflect a slightly different mood for your patio. Another neat thing about this stone is its ability to allow for plant growth from underneath. Thyme, moss, and mint are but a few that can add even more charm to a flagstone patio. Also, the surface is water permeable; rather than form puddles or run off to the sides, moisture build-up will naturally soak through the stone and down into the soil.

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Regardless of cut or color, a Yorba Linda flagstone patio will give your home the look of ages passed. Of eras born, changed, and born again. Clients love its aura of serenity. It’s why even today our professional masons at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros continue to get calls for its use. Should you want to use it we’re more than happy to help.

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