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The terms hardscape and softscape aren’t thrown around very much on the street. In the masonry business, however, we hear them all the time. Hardscape refers to anything hard—stone, concrete, brick—that makes up or decorates a landscape. Softscape goes for anything soft—flowers, grass, soil and the like. Many people harbor improvement ideas for both.

But since the hardscape contractors in Yorba Linda Concrete Pros (714) 364-0763 specializing in solid building materials, this article is going to focus primarily on what can be done to get things going for a hardscape.

Most Trusted Hardscape Contractor

Looking to refurbish your backyard? Front lawn? Both? For whichever, lie back and picture in your mind what you consider perfection. Maybe it includes a stone retaining wall with a built-in fireplace. Perhaps a flagstone patio is in order, or a stamped concrete driveway with decorative borders. No matter the case, don’t hold back. It doesn’t cost money to dream.

Peek through photos of beautiful hardscape design to get an idea of what’s going to work and what isn’t. Good at sketching? You can even draw a picture of what you expect your project to look like once it’s finished.

List Out Your Concrete Needs

Now that the picture is on paper, ask yourself:  What will it take to make it real? Bullet out a list of materials and their costs. Outlining a big project has been proven effective time and time again. Novelists do it. So do automobile manufactures and software companies. And yes, hardscape contractors use outlines as well. Like road maps, they help to organize safe passage of a challenging journey.

This list will doubtless include materials such as paving stone, concrete, or brick. Deciding which looks best, and where, can be a ticklish endeavor, but there are resources for assistance. A professional contractor will certainly provide helpful ideas. He or she can also steer you away from things that might not work, as well as quote a price range for the job.

Look At Your Concrete Project  Budget

And speaking of that price range, there are going to be some things with this project that are worth spending some extra money on, and some things where it’s wiser to save. For instance, don’t cut corners with foundations, or making sure that surfaces are safe to walk or drive on. You can save, however, by using stamped concrete instead of natural stone, or natural stone veneer instead of a full-on, front to back stone fireplace or wall (just remember that stone veneer is not meant to take impact and is almost always vertical).

When looking to a professional for help, look no further than the enterprising team at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros. With your imagination and our unswerving dedication to masterful craftsmanship, the landscape of your dreams can soon be a reality.

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