La Habra Concrete Contractor

A “pass through the hills” into the peaceful, tree-lined streets of La Habra reveals many fine examples of Spanish revival architecture prevalent in Orange County. Homes and business blocks provide a handsome visage to a town that dates back almost two hundred years. Also prevalent is the concrete used to erect these buildings. Their walls are commonly beige in color but are by no means limited to such. Many of the homes have beautifully decorated driveways of stamped concrete designed to replicate natural stone.

Others feature salt finished patios with brick fireplaces that are great for evening get-togethers.

For one—and for all—there is a team of concrete and stone experts like no other.

For a La Habra masonry contractor, there is Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, whom you can reach by dialing (714) 364-0763 any time hardscape professionalism comes to the fore of your needs.

La Habra Concrete Done Right

All of your concrete needs are here in one place. Be it refurbishing, new installation, pouring, or fashioning, you can rely on us for a job well done. Driveways and patios are simply the beginning of what we offer. We also do pool decks, coping, and walkways. Colored concrete can be matched to your specific desires; some clients love a look that blends with the surroundings, whereas others prefer a bit of contrast to liven things up. Both look well when they’re done with proper care.

And indeed, we are the La Habra concrete contractor for such prestige.

Which it isn’t to imply that flouncy and fancy must carry the day. Your project can be completed with or without intricate design. Pre-formed concrete pavers can be used for things like driveways, floors, and stairs. These pavers can be fashioned to your needs before they even arrive at the worksite, expediting installation while lowering costs. It all comes down to your preference. Don’t forget that these pavers can be stamped, colored, and cut for lots of different uses.

La Habra Stone Masons

Most of what we do with concrete can also be done with natural stone. Yes, it can be cut into just about any shape or size. To a lesser degree, it can even be colored, though the palette is typically limited to earth tones. Natural stone pavers are easier to install than concrete. They hold up exceptionally well against time and the elements (in fact, they may never need replacing at all). For walls, there is a stone veneer, a thinner cut slab of stone that is fixed to a concrete backing. These veneers provide the gorgeous look of the material without the higher cost of using one hundred percent stone.

La Habra Brick Masons

Brick is used most often for retaining walls and fireplaces, where their functionality is matched only by their stoic austerity. However, you’ve probably seen them on stairs, pathways, and even as border decoration for things like patios and driveways. Brick works hard at its job as we do. To prove as much, we regularly join forces to give clients clean, traditional projects for a modern age.

When the residents of La Habra look for the most exemplary service in hardscape masonry, they look for us, their friends at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros.

With one phone call to (714) 364-0763 with a free estimate, all of the above, plus so much more, come straight to your door. Tell us what you need today.