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A remodel for your home or business runs a wide range of possibilities. It could be landscaping that interests you:  a new walkway, patio, or driveway to spruce up the property. Or your aspirations might be more private, such as a brick fireplace for the living room, or decorative stone countertops for the kitchen.

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With any idea you have, the time for implementation will eventually come. And how, exactly, do you intend to bring that vision of a new landscape or living area to life? Shall it be with brick, stone, or concrete? Perhaps you’re thinking about a marriage of all three. But before you make your decision, let’s learn a little bit more about these main kinds of masonry, their benefits, drawbacks, and how a multi-tier experienced company like Yorba Linda Concrete Pros taps into their best potential for amazing results every time.

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Stone Masonry

Be it natural, manufactured, or veneer, stone masonry captures a natural look with versatility and, as many admirers can attest, striking color. It is also among the most imperishable materials. Through sun, rain, sleet, or snow, stone masonry endures for many years after its installation. It can be cut into myriad shapes for just about any job, such as decorative pillars, patios, and stairs.

This material also tends to be heavier than others. It uses a little more floor space and requires highly skilled workers—workers like us—to install since mistakes with the medium are hard to undo. The results are worth the effort, however, as you’ll soon learn after choosing a stone masonry contractor.

Brick Masonry

As with the above, bricks can be real, artificial, or veneered. And as we’re certain you’ve already guessed, their most common uses are for things like fireplaces, stairways, and chimneys. Brick lends your property some measured austerity while maintaining the charm of times gone by. Other excellent uses for it include walls and pillars with decorative fixtures.

With brick, it is wise to consider that your pallet of colors may be smaller than that of stone. It is also not quite as durable and requires plasterwork finishing. Still, few other methods even come close to achieving the severe yet beautiful effect of brick.

Concrete Masonry

Concrete masonry involves the mixture and application of—surprise, surprise—poured and block concrete. Using this medium brings lots of options out into the open. Concrete can be stamped, decorated, colored, and cut in just about any fashion that suits your needs. It can be made to mimic brick or stone, oftentimes for less money, which gives it huge popularity for those who want the look without the cost.

Concrete blocks can be heavy and difficult to move. More steel for concrete jobs is typically in order as well to meet their structural needs. When it comes to convincing disguises that look absolutely gorgeous, though, concrete masonry is the top choice for projects indoors and out.

We hope these tips help with your decision on what to use for your masonry project. And remember that whichever route you wish to take, masonry contractor at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros is here to help with the most skilled, dedicated, and experienced contractors in the business.

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