Yorba Linda Outdoor Fireplace

Any pool or patio gathering is made better with the addition of an outdoor fireplace. Some folks speak of the calm, relaxing atmosphere cast by flames flickering under a somber hearth. Others lament the warmth and odor of the chiminea, which is a terracotta fireplace shaped something like a genie’s magic lamp.

But why long for something you can absolutely have? The biggest obstacle lies only in choosing the right outdoor fireplace to suit your needs. And even this can be made easier with the help you’ll find at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros.

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Now back to those choices. Given below are three of the most popular kinds of outdoor fireplaces. Each provides its own unique flair (or in this case shall it be flare?) to the surroundings. Let us go through them in turn.

Stone Fireplace in Yorba Linda

A fireplace made of natural stone commands attention. They are often (but not always) large, regal, and almost sagacious in the way they seem to brood over a landscape like an old man puffing his favorite pipe. They can be built right on the patio or as part of a retaining wall that overlooks it. Stone can be cut into a variety of shapes depending on what look you’re trying to capture. Some stone fireplaces are barely cut at all, creating with their uneven edges a kind of box sculpture from the time of Sir Lancelot. Others are smoother and fit together with more discipline. Favorite kinds of stone for these fireplaces include limestone, granite, and travertine.

Brick Fireplace

When conjuring up images of a fireplace, indoors or out, the mind will usually leap directly to brick. It is this iconic quality that attracts clients of generations young and old. Brick fireplaces can be painted in different colors to suit the features of their surroundings, but are just as often left alone in natural, rusty red. As with stone fireplaces, they are often quite large and speak with a voice that hearkens to the good things of years gone by.

Concrete Fireplace

The concrete outdoor fireplace offers about as many colors and styles are there are leaves on a tree. The reason for this is because concrete is so immensely versatile. Whether you’re going for a rustic look like what gets offered from the above, or something more modern with a smooth, sleek surface, this tried and true building material covers the gambit. It can even be stamped with imprints that mimic stone or brick, usually for less money than the real thing. Clients in search of options for their fireplace—lots of them—almost always choose concrete.

They also like to choose us, the team at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, for coloring, pouring, and building the project they dream up into accurate, dedicated reality. Outdoor fireplaces in Yorba Linda are just one of our specialties.

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