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Amid quiet neighborhoods of sloping roads that wind around properly trimmed greenery, the first thought that leaps to one’s mind would probably not be of concrete or stone masonry. Unless of course, they were to notice a beautifully designed stamped concrete driveway, or perhaps a flagstone walk that leads along a brick garden wall. These features are common around the homes of Placentia—homes that we service when called upon.

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Your home or business deserves nothing less than the best care for its landscape. First impressions last for a long time. That’s why people tend to speak so highly of the town, and when the decorative concrete work around your property catches their eye, the talk becomes even more complimentary. Stamped concrete (designs pressed into wet concrete to give it different patterns or even make it replicate fancy stone) is just one of the things that we do for our respected clients. We can also color it in just about any imaginable hue—not paint it, mind you, but color it, straight down to the core. We’ll cut concrete into the shapes you need for retaining walls, patios, stairways, and more. It is with honor that we come as Placentia concrete contractor with our expertise.

Placentia Brick and Stone

Nor is concrete our only artifice. Remember we spoke of replicating stone? There’s nothing wrong with that, but when a client insists upon the real thing, who are we to tell them no? Yorba Linda Concrete Pros uses flagstone, limestone, terracotta, sandstone, and many others to create stunning masonry that reflects the past with its look, and with its strength, lasts far into the future.

Brick and stone can be used together to create an outdoor fireplace that overlooks your patio or pool deck. Marble is great for kitchen countertops, while for outdoor stairs there is nothing quite like bluestone for an antique look that gives wing to the muse. But really, the choice is yours when you summon us. Don’t forget we’re just a phone call away.

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Yorba Linda Concrete Pros is happy to come to Placentia and do brick, stone, or concrete work its residents will admire for years to come. Our trained, experienced contractors are here to help with all of your hardscape needs.

Along the way, we can even provide advice, if you so desire, as to what will work and look the best. Call us today at (714) 364-0763 for free quotes.