Yorba Linda Pool Deck

You’ve decided to have a swimming pool installed in your backyard, and for the past few nights,  your subconscious has been teasing you with dreams about how much fun it’s going to be. While you sleep there’s a silly smile on your face that your spouse worries about. But really, that pool is going to look good. Your friends and family will love it. You’ll be congratulated with good-natured claps on the back, and cheers of “Way to go! Way to go!”

Excellent Yorba Linda Pool Deck

Right then. So you’ve put a lot of thought into the pool itself, now how about the deck? There is much to consider when it comes to choosing just the right decking to dress up any swimming pool but fear not, because the expert contractors at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros can help you with any troubles you might encounter. We’ll get you through the process of choosing the perfect deck—then we’ll make certain it gets installed by the deftest hands in the field.

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Getting started, you’re probably going to want your deck to match or complement the surrounding landscape. And of course, the material you choose must be on good terms with the elements (hint:  most of them are). It needs to be slip-resistant and comfortable to walk on. Do you want natural stone or concrete? Shall it be stamped or stained? Perhaps a bit of both? Decisions, decisions. Let’s look at some of the choices that are trending now.


Concrete is, and perhaps always will be, the most popular route to go for pool decking. It’s not as expensive as natural stone, very durable, and protean to a degree where just about any design, shape, or color is possible. Another great little benefit to concrete is that you can have it topped with Cool Deck or Kool Deck. Remember that it needs to be comfortable to walk on? Cool deck (or the trademarked Kool Deck) is a material spread over the surface of a regular deck to keep it cool under our intense Southern California sunlight. In other words, when people in bare feet are crossing to the water, you will hear no more cries of Ow! Ow! Ow!


Stone is just naturally beautiful upon delivery. It can also be cut into myriad shapes and sizes to give your deck a highly detailed, precise facial expression. Its rich, iridescent hue looks absolutely gorgeous next to the water. And speaking of natural, most stone comes safe to walk on without the use of coatings or other treatment. This choice also works particularly well with accessories such as waterfalls and fire pits. It requires very little maintenance and does a great job of dispersing moisture.


These are blocks that come in concrete or stone. They are typically cut to fit together like puzzle pieces that are laid down without mortar. The occurrence of expansion and contraction during temperature changes strengthens their bond. Pavers are highly resistant to cracking and repair for them is easy—as a rule, it’s just a simple matter of removing one paver and replacing it with another. Like regular concrete and stone, you get lots of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Stamped concrete pavers are widely admired by other deck owners for their sheer number of designs.

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As we mentioned above, your new swimming pool is going to be the talk of the neighborhood for quite some time. With a brand new pool deck in Yorba Linda to go with it, that time might well be an eternity.

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