Yorba Linda Retaining Walls

Large sections of the property that slope downward at a steep angle can instigate certain, vexing complications. For one thing the slope, should it be grassy, could be difficult to cut. Dips or uneven patches give mowers—and their operators—an unnecessarily adventuresome time. Rainy weather increases the risk of dirt slides that result in patches of slick, smelly mud. Over time these unsightly patches can even make the land unstable.

But not to worry. A solution exists for every woe. In this case, having a Yorba Linda retaining wall of concrete or stone put in can change everything.

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Concrete and Masonry Yorba Linda

More than once we’ve been asked if a retaining wall is truly needed for overcoming the issues mentioned above. Our answer usually goes something like this:  If the slope is steep, then yes. For more gradual slopes we might recommend natural landscaping, which utilizes the territory—trees, grass, rock, and shrubbery—to create a safe, friendly environment without artificial intervention.

A severe grade, however, could really do with that wall. And when we finish installing it for you, it’ll not only look great, but serve as a kind of dam to hold back excess soil that can now be beautified with extra amenities like peat moss, flower trees, and lighting.

The Right Wall Comes with Many Faces

Retaining walls can be single or terraced, with different kinds of construction material at your disposal. For the most severe slopes we just about always recommend a terraced wall, rather than let just one wall take the entire load. As for materials, three of the most common are concrete blocks, brick, and natural stone.

  • Concrete blocks are tough and versatile
    • They can be decorated to look like more expensive stone (stone veneer)
    • They are easy to maintain and easy to install
  • Brick lends its aesthetic appeal almost straight out of the box
    • It offers austerity and charm in equal measure
    • It can withstand a lot of abuse from heat, rain, and contingent occurrences
  • Natural stone is absolutely gorgeous and indefatigably resilient
    • It blends seamlessly with its environment
    • It can be cut and colored into multiple design plans

A retaining wall of either concrete or stone can be just the ticket for changing an unsightly, dangerous slope into a treasured terrace you’ll be glad to come home to. Skilled concrete contractors like the ones who work at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros won’t hesitate to put their best foot forward doing the job they know will support your terrain. 

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