Yorba Linda Stained Concrete

Should you already be familiar with Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, you’re doubtless aware of the size of our color wheel when it comes to decorative concrete. You also know that these colors look great when matched side by side with just the right, artistic flare and that they can also be mixed to form personalized shades for your home or business. We’re not children making mud pies in a sandbox, but sometimes it gets to be so much fun it actually feels that way. The vista of design potential really is that wide.

Nor is mixing the only way to go about adding some hue to those horizons. Many of our clients fall in love with the extra depth, the added richness that comes only from a unique beautification method known as staining.

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More About Stained Concrete

The two most well-known ways to stain concrete are acid staining and water-based staining. Both will give pause to anyone who sees them, though there are differences in how they are achieved and the results they furnish.

Water-Based Staining

This is a non-reactive staining technique wherein the color permeates the pores of the concrete, rather than alter it physically. It’s the safest way to get a stained look for your concrete work. And unlike the acid staining, it offers a full variety of colors to choose from, at different degrees of opacity depending on the amount of water that gets used.

Many clients feel it’s hard to make an argument for acid staining these days, as recent advancements in water-based staining are such that the look you get is nearly the same while being much safer to achieve. Shaded depths of blue marble, gold, red rock, streaked tones of singed orange, yellow, or charcoal gray. All plus, so much more can be done with non-reactive staining.

Use water-based staining for:

  • Safe installation
  • Multiple colored projects
  • Depth, richness, and shading

Acid Staining

This reactive staining strategy relies on a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and metallic salts that infiltrate the surface and produce a chemical reaction with the concrete’s calcium hydroxide. The acid lightly burns into the surface, creating room for the metallic salts to penetrate. This penetration results in a series of translucent earth-tone colors (such as green, blue, brown, terracotta, and walnut).

A big advantage of acid staining still holds over its alternative is its willingness to cooperate with polished concrete. This lends its amazing translucent effect an extra shine that is honestly yet to be replicated by anything else. It must be seen to be believed. Blue shades look deep enough to swim in. Green and brown give the illusion of a national forest at your feet.

Use acid staining for:

  • Earth tone colors only.
  • Unparalleled beauty to which mere words do no justice
  • When you want to polish as well as stain

Stained concrete is the go-to choice for clients looking to go above and beyond mere aesthetic magnetism. Both of the described methods will widen the eyes of all who behold.

And both you can receive (it is indeed common to use them in conjunction) when you call Yorba Linda Concrete Pros at (714) 364-0763 and get a free quote.