Yorba Linda Stamped Concrete 

An aesthetically appealing landscape for your property, be it out front, in the backyard, or even around a swimming pool, can lend its recourse for years and years. It’s a happy feeling to know the vision of your aspiration has been perfectly achieved. The dream came to life; now it’s time to enjoy it.

For many projects like this, a huge part of success goes to the nearly countless design options available through the use of Yorba Linda stamped concrete.

Even more so if it’s installed by experienced concrete contractors like the ones found at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros when you call (714) 364-0763 for free estimate.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamping concrete is the act of altering a regular slab of concrete to resemble attractive, more expensive materials like brick, slate, flagstone, tile, wood, etc. It is a popular choice for customers who want good-looking, quality results at a more sensible cost than what comes with using authentic stones. Nor does the stamped concrete method just give you the look for a lower price; it often lasts longer than the natural thing.

Patterns for Stamped Concrete

The pattern is what you’re going to see on the surface of your stamped concrete. This is the part where the guise of authenticity clicks fully into place. We’re going to mimic—with pinpoint accuracy—the shape of the material you chose to mirror.

Patterns are made by placing an impression into the concrete with a concrete stamp. The stamp is pushed into the concrete and then lifted to leave a selected pattern behind. It’s a bit like what kids do with Silly Putty, though the technical requirements (and prowess) are just a tiny bit higher.

Logically, the best pattern to choose would be one that reflects the replicated material. You’ll also want it to blend well with its environment. There are lots of possibilities we can help out with. The stamped concrete technique plays a huge part in capturing countless, picturesque styles for the landscape around your home or business.

Concrete Colorful Motif

There’s more than one way to color stamped concrete. In fact, we employ several, such as staining, dying, or even adding the color during concrete mixing (integral coloring). What’s best for your project has a few dependencies. Is it indoors or out? Does the area take a lot of Southern California sun, or is it shaded most of the time? Not all colors sustain their brilliance under UV punishment. Our contractors can give you tips on what coloring method to use along with the most competent shades for any given conditions.

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Concrete stamping is a terrific method to gain expensive-looking results on a reasonable budget, though at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros we never cut corners on dedication, professionalism, and passion for the craft.

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