Yorba Linda Stamped Patio

If you’ve chosen to install/remodel a patio with regular concrete, your contractor is going to make you aware of a few convenient options that go along with them. Options like staining techniques and pattern sizing. And then, of course, there’s the subject of this article:  having the material stamped.

Most Reliable Stamped Patio Yorba Linda Contractors

A stamped patio is brought to life by way of imprinting attractive designs onto its surface before the concrete has dried. As for what kind of design you might be interested in, the possibilities are just about endless.

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Popular Design Ideas

The concrete work on your patio will stay in the memory of those fortunate enough to see it. But then that’s part of the plan. You can impress friends and family with an immaculately decorated social area that looks so much as part of the landscape even the wildlife might be fooled. Trust us when we say as concrete contractors that it doesn’t have to look like concrete. There are so many guises to consider, such as:

Wood Texture

Wood texture concrete puts on such a convincing act, people are going to think it’s real wood until they actually walk on it, at which point they’ll be awed by its firm support, beguiling veneer, and almost slip-free surface. Not only that, but its natural look blends lovingly with the surrounding flora. This design is often treated with a brush to make the surface appear even more authentic. It is concrete that looks like wood. The results we achieve never fail to stun.

Slate Texture

The surface of stamped slate concrete often looks so rich you might not think of walking on it so much as falling in. Even when dry it maintains a shiny reflection that often gives off a “just rained upon” look. Slate is mostly flat with light, crooked wrinkles that really project a castle courtyard feel. Your patio will not betray an expression that claims to be cut from natural stone, nor do you have to tell a single soul.

Brick Texture

Yes, you can have your patio stamped to look like brick. In fact, the practice is quite common. The achieved look is great for backyard barbecues or open fire pit gatherings. Brick stamped patios also look terrific when paired with a flowering brush around Colonial or Queen Anne style homes. Nineteenth-century charm will drift right out your front door and into the hearts of enchanted visitors.

When you summon the team at Yorba Linda Concrete Pros to install a Yorba Linda stamped patio at your home, you summon true artisans of the masonry profession. We care about those who care to call the best.

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