Yorba Linda Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is the art of using stone as a building material. It has been a human profession for a very, very long time. To give you an idea of how long, here are a few famous structures erected by stonemasons: The great pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, the Moai of Rapa Nui, and the Chinese Great Wall. And these are just the ones that are still around. Many others—in fact, entire cities—were lost to war or natural disasters over the centuries leading up to today. The doomed Library of Alexandria is said to have been made of flagstone. Ancient writings that describe the lost city of Troy mention grand columns composed of ashlar.

The point here is that stone has been the trusted material of the grandest artisans ever to walk the earth for thousands of years.

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Yorba Linda Stone Masonry

There’s an old saying in the masonry business that goes: Anything concrete can do, stone can do better.

But let’s not take it quite that far, as, for about seventy years now, concrete has been making tremendous strides in popularity and versatility. Through the use of stone veneer, concrete can be made to imitate stone to near indecipherable precision.

Stacked Stone

Stacked stone is a highly effective (and rather fetching) way to add character to vertical surfaces by way of texture, dishevelment, and granular shine. Specially cut pieces are attached to a backing which, as the stack becomes thicker, develops a jagged pattern of the stone wall that can be used indoors or out. And since they’re always used vertically, they take less wear and tear than patios, floors, or decks. Maintenance typically involves little more than a feather duster and some neutral stone cleaner.

Stone Pavers

Which isn’t to claim the aforementioned has no place in stone masonry. For horizontal surfaces, many clients are drawn by the allure of stone pavers. These are flat slabs in loosely defined shapes of square or rectangle. Because they are cut from quarries, their sizes tend to vary, but, like the bit of chaos created by stacked stone, this only adds to their charm. Three popular choices for stone pavers are bluestone, cobblestone, and flagstone.

A big tip that many stonemasons give to their clients is to choose the stone early and alter its surroundings as needed. Or, rather, don’t expect to alter the stone too much for the surroundings. Not that the latter can’t be done. The former is just so much easier and less expensive to do.

Stone trends come and go. Jagged retaining walls and rough-hewn chimney stacks are the talks of the town for one year; for the next, it’s back to smooth, glassy surfaces. The style you choose, of course, depends on how you want your home to feel when you cross its front walk or lounge on the back porch with family and friends.

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