Yorba Linda Stone Veneer

In the circle of masons and the clients who hire them, natural stone gets talked about a lot. There is a good reason. Natural stone glimmers with class, style, and beauty. It reflects good luck, good fortune, and yes, even true love (check your spouse’s finger if you don’t believe that last). Many clients, however, tend to step back from its allure once they hear how much it can sometimes cost. At this point, we must remind them that while natural stone is incredibly gorgeous, it is not inimitable. It can, in fact, be replicated quite accurately through the use of manufactured stone veneer.

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But for now, let’s take a closer look at the Yorba Linda stone veneer.

Stone Veneer Experts in Yorba Linda

It’s made of Portland cement, natural aggregates, and a bit of iron oxide for colorization. Used to be stone veneer was simply a thinner cut slab of natural stone and nothing more. The reduced thickness made it less expensive to use. Since the 1950s however, these thin slices have been paired with concrete for additional durability. Stone cladding, or simulated stone, can also be used as a very convincing veneer. It is cut from molds of actual stone to simulate texture as well as appearance.

Use of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer all by itself is not load-bearing. It must be paired with concrete that is already supporting or creating a structure. Or in other words, you can use stone veneer to decorate pretty much any vertical surface, so long as impact probability is very low. Its thinness puts it somewhat on the brittle side, which means the flooring is definitely out of the picture; this goes for driveways and stairways too.

Design of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer can be purchased anywhere from two to eight inches in thickness; thin stone veneer is cut from one to two inches thick. Because it is so often cut from a mold, its color can lean toward the uniform and if a worker isn’t cautious repetitive patterns can show up. These tiny drawbacks are usually dodged with periodic adjustment of the molds. It can be installed with or without grout, and being so lightweight means that many people without training enjoy experimenting with it.

Hire Yorba Linda Concrete Pros

Stone veneer is a smart go-to choice for builders on a budget who still crave beauty and elegance. Often it is so convincing that most people can’t tell veneer from the real thing. That, of course, is the whole idea. Another idea is to call on us, Yorba Linda Concrete Pros, to give your project the professional quality it deserves.

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